Southeast Asia: Making waves in the South China Sea

TIDAL PASSIONS: The fervour evinced over territorial rights in the South China Sea is an expression of Asian nationalism

As tensions rise over a smattering of islands in the South China Sea, Robert D Kaplan explains the reasons behind the growing sense of conflict and competition. Continue reading


International Crimes Tribunal: Bangladesh braced for long-awaited justice

The trial of Bangladesh’s 1971 war criminals may have taken¬†

four decades to arrive, but there is still widespread desire in the country to see justice done, writes Andrew Small.


ACCUSED: Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, a leader of Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), has been charged with 11 specific crimes Continue reading

Central Asia: Putting the militant menace in perspective

Religious radicalism may be a threat to the Central Asian region, writes Eugene Chausovsky, but it is not the only source of unrest and should be considered against the backdrop of other political and economic factors. Continue reading

Af-Pak region: New dimensions in Afghanistan’s ‘great game’

As tensions simmer across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Taliban violence persists and Chinese interest in Afghanistan grows, G Parthasarathy considers current and potential developments in the region.

STRIKING BACK: The US mounts regular drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal areas in retaliation for Afghan Taliban hits against American and Afghan forces Continue reading

Pakistan: Pakistan’s ‘Pandora’s box’

NEW FACE ON THE BLOCK: But how long will Prime Minister Ashraf stay in office?

Rahimullah Yusufzai reports on the political and legal wrangling that blights Pakistan’s government and the challenges facing fresh elections against a backdrop of terrorist threats, political factions and economic instability. Continue reading

Business: SBI branches out but keeps its niche

There are ten SBI branches in the UK at present, with five in London

State Bank of India’s UK regional head, M Mahapatra, talks to David Watts about his long-term plans for the organisation, its core values and the potential for growth in the Indian economy. Continue reading

Indo-Muslim art: India’s stonework: a fusion of form and flowers

FINELY FORMED: An early example of a jalli, delicately carved with a design of flowers within interlocking hexagons

Shyam Bhatia takes a look at the intricate, previously unseen stone carvings from India’s Mughal and Sultanate eras that are soon to be displayed in London and considers their unique blend of Indian and Muslim features. Continue reading